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Our Philosophy

At Le Tandy, we thrive on beauty, perfection and precision.


Pride and passion is derived from a quality, beautiful and unique product. Le Tandy wrist watches are catered to suit the demands and requirements of a wide range of clientele. We understand that tastes may vary and moods may change, so we have created a selection of themed catalogues of watches with you, our prized customer, in mind.


We understand that a person’s aesthetic appearance is an indication of their lifestyle and status. Le Tandy provides you with a change from dreary metallic base colours to vibrant, colourful, gem encrusted, artistic themed wrist watches that add character and substance to the otherwise mundane days. Each individual dial face will feature an artwork that tells a story of its own, all these and more are featured as crafted works of art at the heart of each design.

The joy, love and care that go into each of our collections are reflected through the quality of our product. Quality components and Swiss watch making techniques all contribute towards creating an accurate and reliable precision work of art. The merging of skills into a single entity with a common aim results in some of the most fascinating and breathtaking collections Le Tandy has released to date, and it is our greatest pleasure to present them to you.


At Le Tandy we would like to offer you the chance to let the world know a little something more about you through our original, well crafted wrist watches.


What better way to make a statement than with a Le Tandy wrist watch.